Poster Art

Movie & TV Poster Art

Selected artworks from Game of Thrones;  Doctor Who; Les Misérables; Knight Rider, Once Upon a Time; Star Wars; Harry Potter

Models & Celebrities

Barbara Palvin; Afiya Bennett; Taylor Swift; Lana Del Rey

Commissions and questions:

LEGAL INFORMATION: All collage artworks on this page are created by Zoltan Simon. Star Wars and any other related items are registered trademarks and/or copyright of Lucasfilm Ltd., or their respective trademark and copyright holders. Doctor Who, TARDIS and all associated elements are copyright of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Game of Thrones is copyright of Home Box Office, Inc. Harry Potter is copyright of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. Once Upon a Time is copyright of American Broadcasting Company. Knight Rider is copyright of National Broadcasting Company. Barbara Palvin photos: Vogue Portugal, Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret.